Lonely Heartbeats is the electronic synth-pop music collaboration of Eva Mikhailovna and Jacob Pflum. The retro sounds and nostalgic melodies, combined with a modern electronic beat and earthy bass tones make Lonely Heartbeats refreshing, moving, and captivating. Live performances are also a unique experience, with programmed looping, synthesizers, eccentric live percussion, creative costumes, and part of the performance tuning in through a vintage analog television. The music is inspired by the writing of groups like New Order, Duran Duran, Abba, and Eoto, and seasoned with a hint of inspiration from retro video and arcade game songs and sound effects. “Lonely Heartbeats will take you on a soundscape of introspection and exploration, with thoughtful and meaningful lyrics seamlessly blended with an electronic drive that will propel you through the listening experience, and stay with you through the day.” - David Fleming, NPR.


Together, Mikhailovna and Pflum have been writing and playing music for years, releasing albums in their folk band, “Eva and the Vagabond Tales”, touring the west coast, packing venues such as the Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles and Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco. They have supported notable artists such as M. Ward and Pompeya and closed out the NAMM show on the Yamaha Grand Plaza stage in 2018. Their work has been played on numerous radio stations across the country, including NPR. Currently, the two are recording an album and planning a digital release for Lonely Heartbeats in early 2020.



Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards / Eva Mikhailovna
Drums, Sampling, Bass / Jacob Pflum


Live band:

Baritone Saxophone, Flute, Clarinet/ Joe Di Fiore

 Keyboards/ Jasmine Capitulo





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