"..You soon realize that she is a sophisticated songwriter, bandleader, and entertainer who has assembled a stellar group of musicians. The upbeat, complex and addictive music they produce, combined with Eva’s sparkling eyes, sweet smile, and an endless supply of funny and sometimes self-deprecating stories kept the audience singing, clapping, and laughing from first note to last.

 -Patrick O'Heffernan, Artistic Echoes UK, 2019



“The Sea Will Return You” is an intriguing song title and the video transforms it beautifully into images-

-GlamGlare, 2019



Pulling from ragtime and old world folk music, California troupe Eva and the Vagabond Tales unspool their journey with colorful, delicate threads... sings Eva Mikhailovna, whose sadness sculpts a rather cinematic sea adventure. Banjo twirls as if on a seaside carousel, awaiting a new beginning that just crests the horizon, and as the light bounces from the bow, the pain is washed way in foamy stripes.

-B-Sides & Badlands, 2019



"A feel of old Europe... music that you would find outside of a small, sidewalk cafe."

-David Fleming, KVCR, 2014


"One of the most interesting acts coming out of the Inland region."

- Vanessa Frank, Press Enterprise, 2013


 "The sound and vibe that EVT create is so inviting. Their sad, melancholy music reminds me of a time that only exists in my imagination. That’s the beauty I’ve found in their style: it makes me paint not only a picture in my head, but a TIME in my head. I can’t think of many other artists that do that for me."

- Thomas Lee, The Frontloader Sessions, 2014


"The beautiful, sweet sounds of European folk music."

-Johny Ray Price, Echo and Buzz, 2015


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