From the alleyways of old town Riverside come the sounds of vintage folk pop that broke free from the early 1930's and skipped through time to find it's way into our modern world. Along the way, stories were turned into songs, forming 'Eva and the Vagabond Tales'. From entertaining people on the streets, ferries, yachts and mountain tops, to playing for crowds at the House of Blues and Dreamworks studios, the Vagabonds have played anywhere one can imagine. Led by Eva Mikhailovna, the four piece group puts Western, Gypsy Folk, and Ragtime into a musical melting pot, creating an alluring sound that "transcends time and continents." Since the formation of the group in 2011, the band released a self-titled EP in 2012, a full length album entitled "Letters From the Moon," in the fall of 2013, and an EP in 2016, "La Douleur Exquise". 


Born to a musical family in Russia, lead singer and song writer Eva Mikhailovna began writing songs and lyrics at a young age. "Music has been part of Mikhailovna’s life for as long as she can remember — her first musical memory is hearing a piece of classical music and walking to the piano where her aunt was playing it. She learned how to play the piano before she could read or write…. Growing up in Russia, the whole family would play folk music and sing when they would come together for meals." (Vanessa Franko, Press Enterprise)


After an invitation to play some of her music at a local college, Mikhailovna put together a small band and along with help from friends, arrangements to songs were completed and ready to be performed live. After some time, Mikhailovna arranged a series of songs to be released as the album "Letters From the Moon". The entire album was recorded in a 1920's back house. A local newspaper mentioned the unique packaging of the album, which was printed on envelopes, suiting the theme of the album's title. A later article said the album contained the "best unconventional percussion," with Mikhailovna tap dancing on one of the tracks. 


Following "Letters From the Moon" was the release of "La Douleur Exquise" which was also a do-it-yourself project, with the Vagabonds already being notorious for their "sad melancholy songs," "train beat" and using what they have to get their ideas done. The EP was packaged with home sewn colorful cases, to extend the theme of the first home made album. 


The band continues building it's sound from the foundations of old time music and melancholy story-telling, bending the laws of traditional songwriting and sound. "The main intriguing factor about The Vagabond Tales is the inexplicit chameleon effect of ageless mood,” writes Independent Feedback Blog. The music is continuing to extend its fan base across the United States, while Mikhailovna is writing and arranging more pieces for the future, touring, and performing all around  the west coast. "The natural evolution of their sound will be one to look out for, because they are one sleeper hit group that can go somewhere." (Independent Feedback Blog)